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Policy & FAQ's 

JM Couturière: Atelier Services
Alterations and Re-Design

Alterations and re-design services for formal and wedding attire are available at my Jefferson City, Missouri studio.  For information on custom made attire click here

How far in advance should I schedule my fitting?

Scheduling a first fitting is encouraged as soon as you know you'll need alterations.  Alteration fittings can begin any time once you have your gown but 8 to 12 weeks prior to the wedding date is the ideal time frame to begin the alteration or re-design process.  This allows room for several fittings if needed while ensuring the most accurate fit near the event date.  It is understood that sometimes this time frame cannot be accomplished due to gown delivery dates or other circumstances.  If there is a rush needed, please inquire about a suitable plan for your circumstances.

What should I bring to my fitting?

It is important to have your shoes, gown and any undergarments you’ve chosen or are considering.  If you do not have your shoes, assuming they have a heel, knowing the precise heel height is advantageous.  You are welcome to bring any accessories to your fitting(s).  If you forget shoes with a heel or make a guess as to the heel height, the hem of your gown will not be pinned.

Do I need to wear or bring any undergarments?

Most bridal gowns are constructed well enough that undergarments are not usually needed.  Everyone’s comfort and security in their gown is different.  If you are unsure whether you need an undergarment such as shapewear or bra, I am happy to assess whether that is something that would benefit your comfort or enhance the fit of your gown.  Sew in bra cups, corset bras and slips are available for purchase through my studio.  If you already own an undergarment and are considering it with your gown, bring it to your fitting appointment.

How long is a fitting appointment?

For a single person, the initial fitting is typically the longest as all adjustments will be addressed.  Please allow 60 minutes for that fitting.  Rarely is more time needed. 


Subsequent fittings are typically shorter and generally no more than 30 minutes will be needed.  If there are multiple people to fit in one slot, more time may be necessary.

How much do alterations cost?

Cost is assessed according to your unique adjustments, gown construction, time, level of expertise and material needed.  The minimum charge for bridal alterations is $75.  The minimum charge for other formal gowns is $50. For reference, an average cost for standard bridal alterations (not including customizations) is $700.




How many fittings will I need?

For the majority of clients, 2 to 3 fittings are sufficient.   For some clients, adjustments will be completed in phases and more than 3 fittings may be needed.  If this is the case for your attire, that will be advised at the initial fitting.

I purchased off-rack, should I dry clean my gown?

If you purchased your gown off-rack and notice soiled spots, it is best to have your gown cleaned before we begin fittings.  Some cleaners require a couple weeks for the cleaning of bridal gowns.  Please be aware of this in order to be prepared for your fittings.

Do you press or steam garments?

Pressing of your gown and accessories is included with purchased alterations or custom design.  Pressing of non-clientele garments are subject to availability and fee (varies).  

Do you re-design heirloom gowns?

Yes! It is incredibly special to wear an heirloom gown or turn it into something new for your special day whether it is beautifying the gown as is, re-designing it to fit a modern style or using elements to create something new altogether such as a veil or bridal robe.  I'm happy to discuss a project with you in person.  There is a $35 non-refundable consultation fee, payable at the time of the consult.  If you move forward with the project, this fee is applied to your invoice. 

Can you create custom pieces?

An array of custom garments and accessories for bridal and beyond can be designed and made for you.  If you have a special request, email or include your request in our enquiry form.  More information can be found on the custom design page. 

Do you offer alteration consultations?

Consultation only is offered for a $35 fee.  This is simply to review your garment or gown with you to give an idea of what types of adjustments would be needed and estimated cost.  A consultation would be applicable if you are more than 6 months out from your wedding.  If you decided to move forward at a later date with alterations, the consult fee would be credited back to you.

When is payment expected?

After the initial fitting, an official estimate for the services discussed will be sent to you via email.  Acceptance and 25% deposit initiates work.  You have the option to decline services and must make arrangements to pick up your attire immediately.  If you decide to bring your gown back, the repeat fitting may be subject to a charge for the time to fit you again. The remaining amount is expected in full at or before the final fitting.    You may not take your attire until payment is completed.  Payment plans are available upon request.

Do you alter pants, jackets, shirts, etc?

Alteration and redesign services are limited to formal and wedding attire.  For menswear, casual or work attire I am happy to recommend other professionals.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, Venmo, card and cash are accepted.  Personal checks are not accepted. 

Where are you located?

1803 Sun Valley Dr, Jefferson CIty, MO Suite D by appointment only.  Please note there is wheelchair access into the building but no elevator access to the second floor where our studio is located.  

What should I do with my gown after the wedding?

Pre-paid gown cleaning and preservation is offered through The Wedding Gown Preservation Company.  Pricing varies.  For more information, email us at or visit

JM Couturière: Exclusive Design
Online Gown Purchases

All items are designed and handmade by me, personally, in my Jefferson City, Missouri, studio with utmost love and care. Customer service is important to me as is reciprocated maturity.  


How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Please allow 3 to 6 months for material ordering and production time.  Additional time may be needed to accommodate shipping.  Upon ordering your chosen garment, please indicate your event date in the notes.  If you leave it blank, JM Couturière cannot be held responsible for a missed delivery date. If you have indicated your wear date, and JM Couturière cannot deliver by that date, you will be notified immediately.

Do you accept rush orders?

Rush orders may be made upon request with additional fees applied.  If you need a rush order, please email details so that a rush can be determined possible.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Since gowns are made to order, they are not eligible for return or exchange.

Can I try on a gown before I purchase?

Samples of gowns are not available for try on.  If you wish to see a fabric sample, fabric samples may be purchased for a fee plus shipping costs.  For sizing please see the size chart.  Questions not addressed in the product description are welcome by email.

Can I cancel my order?

72 hours after purchase will be allowed to cancel or make changes to an order by email notification.  After that, you are committed to the purchase.

Can I customize my order?

Some customizations may be available.  If you do have a design or sizing change request, please email  to determine if a change can be made and associated fees.


Any inquiries on customizations must be done within the 72 hour window mentioned above.

What if my order is damaged or lost?

All gowns are handmade with the utmost care and love and will not be shipped having known damage. 


We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items once out of our care.  If this is a concern, shipping insurance can be added for an additional cost.  Pricing will vary.

Do you have a local pickup option?

Shipping is already included, but if you are local to the Mid Missouri area, and interested in local pickup, please email to inquire. 


It is in JM Couturière’s discretion to allow an in-person pickup.  If local pickup is arranged, shipping costs will not be reduced on the purchase.

Sizing and Fit

Gowns are made according to the size chart below based on S, M, L, & XL sizing.  If you are in between sizing it is always recommended to size up.  It is easier to take in than let out.

Gowns can easily be tailored to you by your local seamstress.


Expect tailoring to be needed in order to achieve your desired fit regardless of the size you choose. The size chart is as follows in inches:

Size                       Bust       Waist       Hip
Small                    32-34.5    23-25.5    33-35.5
Medium               35-36.5    26-27.5    36-37.5
Large                    37-39.5    28-30.5    38-40.5
Extra Large          40-42.5    31-33.5    41-43.5

How do I take my measurements?

You may take your own measurements by a friend, family member or seamstress using a soft measuring tape taking bust, waist, and hip.  Take a shoulder to floor (which should include your shoe choice) measurement to ensure the gown will be long enough.  For Papillon, a waist to floor measurement.  Click here for the measuring guide.

What if I am in between sizes?

If you are in between sizes or body areas are measuring in different sizes, it is recommended to size up.  It is always easier to tailor down, than out.  For Papillon, the hip measurement is not as important as bust and waist.  Any drastic differences should still be sized up.  Hip measurement does matter for the optional slip and Rosette.  If you order Papillon with the slip and hip measures in another size range, it is possible you may need one size for Papillon and larger size for the slip to accommodate hip.  For more questions regarding sizing, please email.  Buyer is ultimately responsible for the size chosen.

Do you provide alterations?

As a designer and seamstress, alteration and re-design services are available in my studio.  This is at an additional cost and not included in the price of the gown. 


As stated above, it is very rare that adjustments are not needed to a gown. Please expect to need tailoring completed on your gown purchase.

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